A Little Lift Can Be Such a Gift

Can you believe that it's less than 2 months till Christmas!! The stores already have their decorations going up! As you prepare for your holiday festivities, we want to make sure that you consider some of the resources we have available for you. Personally, I am a huge e-book fan so I want as many of my books to go with you wherever your mobile devices take you. What could be better than getting a new tablet or phone and then being able to read a book right away? Cup of Joe on the go!
One of my favorite holiday selections is “Christmas Cookies- Edible Treats for Your Body and Soul”. Not only are there a dozen great devotionals in this book; there are also a dozen of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes! Feed your soul and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time! Now that’s a holiday!
Another personal favorite and one that so many of you have enjoyed is the "Cup of Joe" book as well. In this one you have 150 of my favorite articles: a rich blend of inspiration for your daily grind. You will be encouraged every time you ready one.
And the most recent e-book additions are “Friends4Ever” and “Transitions” : perfect ways to spend the afternoon by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. (or joe)
All of the links to these books and e-books are displayed on our blog page for your convenience. We enjoy seeing how encouragement not only lifts up your spirit but makes the day a little brighter too.

It’s been an amazing year and we want to finish it strong. If you enjoy encouraging others through written and spoken words and have shared “cups” with your family and friends, consider making a donation at the end of this year to help us continue providing resources for people that are looking for hope and comfort. A little "lift" can be such a gift! Cup of Joe Inc. is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Just use the simple donate button on our blog page (cupofjoe.tv) or media player (media.cupofjoe.tv)

Only 2 months till Christmas. This really is my favorite time of the year! 
May your cup (of joe) always be filled to overflowing!

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