Effective Productivity

2 Peter 1:5-8 NIV
God has given us:
1- Everything we need(to live a godly life)
      2-Great promises
           3-Precious promises
So that by adopting these(assimilating), living with a belief and understanding of them, we might PARTICIPATE in His divine nature and escape the garbage all around us.
He’s provided a way for every one of us to experience EFFECTIVE PRODUCTIVITY.

Here’s the EP protocol:

FAITH: it all starts here…assurance….confident hope
                        Goodness-virtue…moral goodness
                                    Knowledge-general intelligence: knowing what the Christian life is
Perseverance-endurance, patience, patient waiting
                        Godliness-reverence and respect
                                    Brotherly kindness-phileo…love for each other
                                                 LOVE-it all ends here…agape love

If YOU possess these things in abundance(abound)…
            If you don’t just have them, they have you
They will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive
Ineffective-barren, empty, lazy, useless
Unproductive-not yielding what you are supposed to yield

We have been given EVERY thing we need to life the life that God designed for us…the life He prepared in advance for us to have. His promises are great and precious…yes and Amen to every person that stands on them and trusts in them. To those that participate, they become like Him…they by-pass much of the corruption that pollutes others.
This is Effective Productivity.

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