My Manual 6-Speed Life

 Over the last several months, I have experienced something that I see happening to many people these days. It’s feeling unsettled, out of sync and unable to find a rhythm in living our daily lives. Oh, there are days when things go exactly as planned and all of the conversations and meetings are smooth but those days are disconnected by a series of others that bring detours, distractions and chaos. Sometimes my life  feels like driving a manual 6-speed car without really knowing how.
I remember trying to drive a Jeep for the first time. I did not know what a clutch was and had never used one. And there was a pattern to shifting gears, going from the lowest to the highest. Adding to that there was learning the art of using that clutch pedal along with the gas pedal. Since I had not done this before, the journey was not very pleasant. There were loud grinding noises as I was bounced around from side to side and lets just say, the need for some chiropractic care after I was through. It was rough. But there were moments I would hit a higher gear and my foot would release the clutch and engage the gas and voila’, amazing peace and speed. Soon I would need to slow down and stop and this uncomfortable process would repeat again. I never found my groove.
I personally believe that life isn’t meant to be lived like a novice driving a manual 6-speed car. Once I learned how to work the balance of clutch, shifting and giving it gas, the journey was much better. And what I’ve learned about myself is that this balance must be sought and embraced. In the last year I have not done a good job of balancing my work, rest and play. I’ve worked hard, played a little but I have really neglected those seasons of rest. And when these three things are out of balance, well you get a life that drives like I drove that Jeep. However, when you surrender control of your day, your skills and your agenda to the Lord, life can feel a bit more like driving an automatic…you set it and let it go. It sure makes the trip easier!
Maybe you are experiencing some of those uncomfortable herky-jerk moments in your life right now. My experience tells me it can get better and the ride can surely be more comfortable. You need to learn how to release the clutch when you press on the gas and find the right gear for the road that you are on. It’s all about balance and the Holy Spirit can help. He will guide you into all truth and ride you into all truth too; the places you need to be with grace and with joy. I have to say that I love my automatic over my manual 6-speed life! Find that balance in your life today. There is a rhythm…a groove that you were designed to move and live in. Let the Lord drive!

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