Write a Goodbye Letter

Several years ago as I was l learning how to cope with some very difficult things and I decided to do something to symbolically set me free from the pain of the past and prepare me for the blessings of the future...I wrote a goodbye letter. I wrote about this in a chapter of my book, Transitions:Grace to Navigate the Storms of Change Here's a piece of that story...

"I sat down and I wrote a goodbye letter.
I started to write down a list of all of the things that
I wanted to say goodbye to. I wrote them out on a
legal pad. I said goodbye to all of the things that had
trapped me. All of the stuff that I thought I had to
acquire. All of those attitudes that kept me in
financial bondage. I said goodbye to a life of credit card
debt and bills that could never be paid. I wrote down
relationship things, emotional things and spiritual
things. All this was in my goodbye letter and then I
stuffed it away in a drawer.
After the goodbyes had been said, it was time to
say hello to a new normal. That’s right, I had to look
at my life with this new normal. It was not some-
thing I was used to. It was foreign territory. I said
hello to having enough cash to pay the bills. I said
hello to being the greatest dad I could be and
thinking of new ways to have fun with my children
without spending money. I never thought that was
possible! I said hello to responsibility for my actions
and seeking out the things and the people that gave
me life and hope and health. I said hello to the
promise that no weapon formed against me can
prosper and I began to profess what God had already
said about me…I am the head and not the tail and I
am above and not beneath. I have not failed. I am
still going! Day by day, little by little, the clarity
was coming."

For me this exercise was not only liberating but once I put it on paper, it somehow cleared my mind a bit. Maybe you have some painful things that you have been involved in. Perhaps you hurt someone deeply or you were hurt by another. It doesn't matter what happened. What matters is where you go from here. Try writing a goodbye letter and say goodbye to everything that brings pain. Cleanse yourself of toxic emotions and diseased thoughts. Then allow yourself to open a brand new notebook and start saying hello to the new you! You may be surprised with what pours out of you. Just know that once all of that "stuff" is out, God can refill you with all the things you need to succeed!

Have a great weekend!

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