End of the Year SOS

It’s hard to believe that another year is almost in the books! As we get ready for the start of a fresh new calendar year, there are a few things that we should do in preparation. I call it the end of the year SOS: Simplify, Organize and Summarize.
Before we can begin to create new ideas and launch a new year routine, we need to make certain that we have space for what is about to happen. Most of us probably have made some poor choices, been involved in some bad relationships and perhaps found ourselves overlooked for a new promotion. Whatever the case, we are stronger and much better because of it…no matter what it was! All of the good and all of the bad have a way of mixing together to bring about the absolute best for you. So here are three things you can do to get ready for 2017.
1-Simplify- as you went through 2016 you picked up some bags: habits, people, clothes, etc. that may not be the best choice for the fresh start you are about to embark upon. I seem to collect shoes, hats and clothing. I really am not sure why this happens but I find myself always boxing up items and heading to the local Goodwill anytime I begin to simplify. Anything more than what is necessary will weigh us down and keep us from soaring as high as we could go. Get rid of things you do not need…anything you haven’t used this past year can be a gift to someone else! Simplify.
2-Organize-once you have de-cluttered the house, closet, office and personal life, it is a great idea to organize what remains. I like to do this throughout the year but get especially intense when the end of the year arrives. Get your things in order and your life will follow. Organize.
3-Summarize- write a 1 page summary of the highlights of the past year-good and bad. When you begin to write down the good things that took place you will see how blessed you truly are. When you see all those bad things, just notice how strong you have become. It may have been really tough. Circumstances may not have worked out like you wanted every time. But here you are-alive and still kicking as we end the year. Your stronger, tougher, and smarter. File the summary away and after you have done this for a few years, you can go back and see your progress more clearly. Summarize.

The way you complete this year is your setup for the way you start the next one. I have a feeling that it will be better than you’ve ever imagined. Get yourself ready for it-mentally, physically and spiritually. Goodbye 2016!

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