Are YOU Ready to Go All In?

Last night I began my New Year in a worship service as part of the First Conference at our church.  Our mandate is to offer the first of the year to the Lord and prepare for all that He desires in the coming months. Franklin Graham was our guest speaker for the evening. You may remember him and his mission this past year; to pray on the steps of each states Capital Building. God used him in such a mighty way to ignite people with a passion to truly pray for our nation. It all started with repentance.
What may have seemed like an outlandish goal was "no biggie" for the Lord! And our nation, you and I, are better for it. He took a few moments to provide a simple bible study for all in attendance and I wanted to share it with you. He called it C-E-O.
Count the Cost Jesus told those that were going to follow Him that if they were going to get in on this, they needed to get all in. He must come first. Following Jesus is a commitment. You may not be liked. It won't be the most popular way. It's going to carry a high price. Count the Cost.
Luke 14:26-33
Excuses-there isn't any room for excuses. No turning back. No distractions. No wasting time. Nothing in this life is more important than the decision that you are making to follow Him.
Luke 9:57-62
Obedience-because YOU say so Lord, I will do it. I don't need to understand everything. If you require it, I will obey what you say. The Lord says to Peter in this text...if you think catching all those fish was're going to love the next chapter! Luke 5:1-11 simple yet so profound. If we are going to follow Jesus this year, we need to stop with the games and the double-mindedness and get all in. Count the cost. There will be sacrifices to make. It's not going to be easy. Drop your nets. There's no room for excuses. The time is now. Listen to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you and then obey what He says! Even if it seems way too big for you. With God, nothing is impossible! You are about to see things that will be greater than anything you have ever imagined. The BEST is yet to come! Are you ready to go all in?


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