Living Life Upside Down

The other day I broke out some of my old Cd's (remember those?) and listened to a CD from a group named "TRUTH" that contained the following lyric:

"What if we've fallen to the bottom of the well, thinking we've risen to the top of the mountain.
What if we're knocking at the gates of hell, thinking we're heaven bound.
What if we spend our lives thinking of ourselves when we should have been thinking of each other.
What if we reach up and touch the ground to find we're living life upside dow

It made me think about life here in 2017 and our culture and beliefs. We save the earth and kill unborn children. We lose those we love to "find" ourselves. It seems that what used to be wrong is now right. Are we living life upside down? Can we ever discern the difference between what is good for us and what is harmful? How is that even possible?
The answer is the Word of God. It's our blueprint for life, living and active. It helps us to be wise and to make the right choices at the right time for the right reasons. God gave us some absolutes...values that we could not only live by, but He said that He would plant the desire to follow them within us. We cannot lose our sensitivity to His voice and His spirit. The good news for us today is that the One who makes crooked paths straight can take an upside down life and turn it right side up. That's the truth!

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