No Visibility

I remember one day waking up to a dense layer of fog. Visibility was near zero. You couldn't see very far at all. I thought about times in my life when I was severely discouraged; a divorce, resigning from a job that I had held for 20 years, even a time when I moved from one state to another. It was as if a heavy layer of fog was over my life and I was unable to see anything but the pain that was surrounding me. When you are in a place like that there seems to be nothing that you can do on your own to get out of it. There are no words said that will comfort you and no activities to be involved with that can motivate you. You just can't see anything good at all. No visibility. All of this crossed my mind as I stared out the window. Suddenly, a small glow of light surfaced on the horizon. It was faint and seemed very distant but I could not stop watching it. In just a matter of minutes it rose higher and shone brighter. In less than an hour it was bright orange. And all of the fog had disappeared! Everything was clear. God taught me something that day. If I would lift up the SON, He would burn away the fog! The more of the Son I allow into my life, the less I have to deal with depression, discouragement, and temptation. On a clear day you can see forever! The Son always makes the day brighter. If you are in a foggy place today and there is no visibility, try lifting up the name of the Lord and let the Son shine on your life. As He burns brighter things start to get clearer. He will carry your burdens for you and set you free from the fog that hinders you. And whom the Son sets free is free indeed!


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