Sometimes your only available...

This week I have been thinking a great deal about the many incredible things the Lord has allowed to happen in my life. Yes, there have been some challenges and huge speed bumps along the way but I was pondering the miracles and the amazing things that made me smile. And when I recall these divine moments of supernatural happenings, one thing seems to be the same in each of the scenarios...each miracle required a leap of faith. In other words, I took a step out in a direction where I couldn't truly see the next step. Have you ever tried taking a step that you missed, maybe stepping off of a curb or not seeing the level change? It's a feeling you can surely remember: it doesn't feel very good and if someone filmed that it would probably have looked a bit awkward too.
Taking a leap or a step of faith is all about control. Releasing what you know and can see to the Lord for what He desires. In some of my biggest miracles, I just had nothing left to do. My only available transportation was a leap of faith. Today you might feel boxed in, discouraged, or stuck in some fashion. Jesus called things that did not exist as though they already did. If you are trusting Him in your endeavor, you can do this too! He will open doors no man can shut and seal off places so you won't go hunting for trouble. Whether you take a step or a leap, have faith in God. It's about to get very exciting for you!

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