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When the Trials are Multiplying

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”- Romans 12:12
Quite a reminder in this verse and some great encouragement for daily living. Living life will always include the desire to hope, the arrival of affliction and the need for prayer. How do we make the necessary adjustments to the challenges that are hurled at us? By being joyful, patient and faithful.
The JOY of the Lord will be the strength that we need to overcome challenges. When the trials last for a while we will need to let PATIENCE have her perfect work. And FAITHFULness shows up when we believe what we pray for and take constant steps in His direction. Faithfulness is moving forward as if the answer has already arrived and knowing that the Lord is in control of the outcome.
You may be waiting today for some news: a job application, a doctors diagnosis, a call from someone you haven't seen in a while. Be joyful in hope. Waiting always seems to be hard to handle but if you stay positive and expect the best you give God something to work with. If news comes that is not favorable(affliction), persevere. Be patient and hold on to hope, keeping your smile. Don't lose your joy. Stay faithful and stay connected to the Lord in daily prayer. It's all going to be ok:)