Slow Down

Life can interrupt you sometimes and throw things in your path that you did not expect. It also moves so quickly that we miss a lot of the things happening and get caught away with the motion of living. Sometimes the pace is just too fast.
But what if these challenges we face were God's way of dramatically altering the pace of life? Slow motion changes everything. When you slow everything down, you begin to see with more clarity and you see every detail. The seams on a baseball pitch, the dimples in the golf ball, the water droplets leaving the wave. No matter what it is, slowing it down allows you to get a better look at it and make adjustments. For most of us, its another chance to evaluate our decisions, our relationships and our future.
Today, rather than running into the week at full speed, grab a cup of joe and allow God to slow down the speed of your life events and give you a better look at whats happening and how it affects you and those connected to you. You may be surprised by all that you begin to see and then you can be better suited to make the choices that will bring you life and hope.

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