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Social Networks are buzzing these days. Posts, tweets, pix, hashtags, the list goes on and on. As I worked on all of the social media for the week I wondered, would Jesus use it?  If Jesus had a Facebook profile what would it look like? Can you think outside of the norm for just a moment today with me? What kinds of posts would you find on his wall? How about…
“Getting ready to walk across the sea again…really freaks out those fisherman!”
Or maybe you would read… “Did you know laughter is like good medicine LOL?”
Or “keep using MY NAME in vain and I’ll make rush hour longer!”
How about his status updates? Perhaps He would say “just fed a bunch of folks with a little boys sack lunch…love to see the looks on their faces when the bread multiplies!” #5000plus
Or “so thrilled I just got to help my buddy at his wedding…they ran out of wine and I blessed their water...GLORY! 
OK, one more... “BRB, I’m spitting in the mud so I can heal the eyes of this blind man”

Would Jesus post photo’s of himself or of the people that he was trying to minister to? What kind of “links” would he have…a link to healing, a link for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Oh and don't forget videos! Can you imagine Jesus uploading videos to YOUTUBE that meant absolutely nothing? Me neither!

I do believe that He expects us to utilize the knowledge, expertise and conduits of our day to engage in society(culture) and evangelize those in our circle of influence. This can and will only happen when I get out of MYSPACE and into His. “Fix your attention on God” the scripture says. God is ready to bring out the best in you to help promote the best in others too. Take some time today to get acquainted to Faithbook, His Word, and start a spiritual profile. You will be connected to the largest social network in the world: the church of the living God! So, are you going to join Faithbook?