God Has a Purpose

I've always loved the quote that I placed on this picture I took while in Destin, Florida for some rest and relaxation. Some may read the and see the words pain, struggles and faithfulness.  Others may see purpose, reason and reward. But the real power of these six words comes when they are contrasted against the other in this quote. Yes life is often filled with pain and struggle. We need to remain faithful to God when everything feels as though its falling apart. He has a purpose for the pain. Pain reveals our weakness and invites in His strength. God reveals the reason for struggles:to bring about a deep-seated dependence upon Him. And when all is said and done, more is done than said by a God that brings great rewards for those that stay faithful.
Maybe you are facing some great challenges in your life right now. Imagine being in a place of rest...maybe for you it is the beach. Sat these words out loud and let the message lift your spirits and build your faith. God has a purpose:)
#GoodFriday #GodFriday

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