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May YOUR Cup Runneth Over!

"May your  cup  runneth over!" I write this phrase inside the Cup of Joe book I wrote every time I sign one for someone. My mom even sent me this for my wall in the kitchen where I get my cup of joe every day!  You find this thought inside the text of Psalm 23..." you anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over ."  Our "cup", or our "portion" is the place and position that God has designed us for. Success comes from realizing where to place that cup, where to fill it up and where and when to pour it out. Many of my personal experiences with my "cup" have happened right in the midst of great trial and challenge. I fully understand what it means to have God fill you up, feed you and sustain you in the presence of people and things that want to hurt you. But before you can be a part of an overflowing cup experience, you must put yourself in an emotional and mental place where His power and presence can come upon you; where you an

2017 Memorial Day

Celebrate          Honor          Remember Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

Memorial Day 2017

This weekend many people will visit places that remind them of something significant in their lives. Flowers will be placed on headstones and prayers will be prayed as we remember loved ones who have passed and soldiers who have given all for freedom.  In scripture memorials were erected to honor what transpired but also to teach others that followed in their footsteps. When Joshua made it through the Jordan on dry ground, he piled up 12 stones, representing the priests who stepped into the water as it stopped. Each time someone comes to that place they will see the stones and remember the story.  This weekend may the Lord bring peace to you and cause you to remember the good moments and honor those that have meant so much to you. May those memories inspire you to do more, be happier and live more fully. God still has a plan for YOU and that plan will bring you everything you need to live a fulfilled life. Trust the plan and you will succeed! Thank you to those that gave a

No Benefit of the DOUBT

Devil's Tools

2 Samuel 11:1  In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king's men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But  David remained in Jerusalem . They say an idle mind is the devil's workshop... idle hands  are the devil's tools. When we become idle, we stop moving. We may place ourselves in situations that we should not be in. This was the case for David. He was a warrior...a fighter...a born leader. But in the spring when the kings went off to battle, David stayed home. Staying home led him into a downward spiral that would impact his life in a dramatic way. Terrible things ensued because of his sin with Bathsheba but she was not the problem. Being out of position was his problem. He should have been on the battlefield that spring. It would have been much safer than the battle that nearly took all he had. We need to be aware of the purposes and places God desires us to be and listen

You've Got a Friend

No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, you have probably experienced a broken heart and a crushed spirit. It happens to each one of us at some point because we are unable to control what happens to us or what people may do that affects us. What we are able to control is our response. When our lives are centered in Christ we have some blessed assurance: the Lord will be close when our hearts are broken and he will save us when our hopes are crushed. When your heart is broken you have difficulty trusting anyone, the natural response is to isolate yourself from others. When your spirit is crushed you may even go so far as to give up. The good news is that when everyone else walks out, Jesus will walk in. He is a friend that stays closer than family. When you are finished, he begins. When you are weak, he brings strength. So keep your head up and your hope held high. People may let you down but Jesus is always there! He's as close as the mention of his name. Y

When a flower..

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." Alexander den Heijer

It's Time

“ When we were at Mount Sinai, the L ord  our God said to us, ‘You have stayed at this mountain long enough.  It is time to break camp and move on ."  Sometimes we get stuck. Like the TinMan in the Wizard of Oz, life rains upon us and before long we are rusted immobile. Those that were following Moses out of Egypt to the land that God promised also saw moments of idleness and seasons that were unproductive. Maybe that happens when you take forty years to go a journey that should have taken a couple weeks!   Moses was always reminding the people what God had said. What he shared with them, I want to encourage you with today. You have been in the rut long enough . It's time to stop circling the mountain, break camp and move on. It's time that your get up and go got up and went. It's time! You can't win if you don't begin. This is the day that everything begins to change. It's time for the blessings to overwhelm your life and those that you love. It&#

Sun Stand Still

It takes "faith" to please God. Faith, like followers of Christ seems to come in all different sizes. Some people have great faith and believe for things that others think could never happen. For many faith is used only when necessary and extends only to the point of possibility in our own mind. And some never ever step out of their own power into a dimension of "God power" or faith in motion. I am so grateful that God puts all of us, wherever we are on the faith spectrum, in the midst of the Body of Christ to learn and grow together. I want that kind of faith that makes people notice the awesome power of God and give Him glory. Faith that makes history. Joshua had courageous faith. Once when he was in battle the Lord told him to completely kill of the army: leave no one alive. The problem he had was that his battle was not over but the daylight was. He needed more time. Some folks would have given up and simply said they ran out of time. No one had ever thoug

If You Must "Put On"...

Window of Opportunity

Preserve Love

Love That Changes Everything

All the crazy in my dreams, Both my broken wings, Every single piece of everything I am, Yeah, she knows the man I ain't, She forgives me when I can't, The devil, man, no, he don't stand a chance, Cause she  loves me like Jesus does . (Eric Church) Chances are if you are a country music fan you have heard this song by Eric Church. It's a love song about a wayward guy that has too many problems to count but has thankfully found a woman who loves him just the way he is...she loves him like Jesus does. Loving people like Jesus does should be our mission each and every day. You never know how much time you will get to spend with people you meet and people you love. So we should spend that time doing something enormously beneficial...loving like Jesus loves. Every person that we come eyeball to eyeball with deserves forgiveness, hope and that special kind of love. The love of Jesus can look beyond the brokenness. The love of Jesus can see through the facade. And

Ask the Right Questions

Do you remember those days when you would work for one company nearly all your life? You had the same house, same neighbors, even the same wife! You would never even think of leaving the town that you were growing up in. Your parents may remember days like these. Today, it seems that our relationships, jobs and cities change as often as the seasons do! Life is filled with these transitions, so we had better come up with a way to deal with them. The other night, while praying about a transition I was in the middle of, I realized that the outcome of a transition is often impacted by the questions we ask when we are going through them. Those that ask the WHAT? and WHY? often LEARN many lessons from the changes. They say “what are you trying to show me Lord? “ or “why is this particular season happening now?” They seek to hear from God regarding how they can grow and adapt. And God answers prayer! Then there are those that ask WHERE? and HOW? These folks seem to LAUNCH in directi

God is Bigger

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good .   Romans 12:21 Sometimes it takes a deep level of adversity to show each of us just how resilient we can be and how much our dependency needs to be on something or someone greater than ourselves.  Jesus said that in this world we would have trouble. Our faith would be tested, our beliefs challenged and our convictions pushed to the limit. Evil is present in this world and it is not going away. How we deal with the evil is the key. We overcome evil with good. God is bigger than any trouble you have. Start your week by giving Him all of the pains, all the hurts and all of your troubles. Overcoming evil with good:)