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Dad to the Bone

Joseph Edward Jones, Pop, well, I call him dad. When I was a little kid I used to think he made me work way too hard. At the time, mowing the lawn and taking out the trash seemed to be overwhelming:) The older I got the more I began to understand that he wasn't working me too hard, he was preparing me for the life ahead. A former Marine, husband to Barbara Jean and dad to three kids, I am so grateful for the lessons taught in those good ole days. I've grown up to be a person with initiative, passion and a good moral compass which has all been planted by strong parenting and a good God. Today, I pray for a powerful anointing and blessing for my dad and all of those that will be honored in some way today. God loves good dads. God love godly dads. And I love my dad too cause he is one of a kind. Guys you could say he's 
"dad to the bone". Happy Fathers Day!