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Sometimes you need to stop, take a deep breath, and simply relax.

Personally, I always have a hard time shutting down and taking time off. I seem to get in a groove and stay there. Perhaps its because I feel like I may miss something when I do:) And you know what? I will miss something but that isn't more important than getting some rest. 

Getting away and taking some time to pamper yourself provides so many wonderful benefits. When done properly, you can be refreshed. Physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshed. Who doesn't need that? You can be renewed. When you finally climb out of the rut of the daily grind, you set yourself up to be filled with new ideas, new thoughts and new patterns. Even a staycation is a great time to start a new hobby. For me one of the most incredible benefits is the change of perspective that rest brings. Being so close to the work and the challenges tends to cloud your vision when seeing a bigger picture. It's the difference in being on the playing field versus in the stands. The view and the experience is not the same. For me, when I take time away, I begin to see all of those challenges and opportunities from a different perspective and its always better!

Do you have a hard time unplugging from the day to day task list? Could you use a break? How does some refreshing, renewing change of perspective sound? Is this the time for you?

Sometimes you need to stop, take a deep breath, and simply relax.