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A Gentle Purr

Anyone who has a happy cat knows that sound it will make: a gentle little purr. I have even heard people refer to a car engine that is running smoothly as making a "purr" sound. Makes me wonder how to make my days "purr" a little. Can you actually have that little purr and if so, how?
Let me suggest that if you want to "purr" it takes Peace, Unity, Repentance and Restoration. 
The Bible talks of believers of having a peace that goes beyond what they can comprehend. That peace comes only when the mind, body and soul is synchronized and there is unity. This kind of unity happens when we repent and turn towards the Lord deciding to do things His way and not ours. And when all of these things are in operation, well, there is complete restoration. If you want life to purr you need to strive for peace, unity, repentance and restoration.
Oh and if you add to that Fanatical Enthusiasm and Christlike Talk well...that purrfect!