Believe it…See it…Become it

This simple verse holds in it a powerful truth when it comes to using faith in our lives. Most people would tell you that they must “see it to believe it.” Faith works exactly opposite. Faith instructs us to “believe it to see it.” Jesus was making the point clear when he said, “believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” He was talking about himself and teaching the disciples and us how to embrace the urgency: while I am here, believe in me with all of your heart and become all that I've designed you to be. Believe it to see it. It begins with you starting to visualize it before it will materialize in your life.
I remember years ago before I founded The Landing Community Church, walking around my neighborhood and speaking to myself. I knew that the Lord wanted me to shepherd people. I felt His call to pastor people. I wasn't a pastor. I began to say to myself every day that I was a pastor, I will lead people to Christ and I will pour more of Him into the people that I meet. Every walk, every day, I said it over and over again. The day I realized that what I was saying came to pass I was standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, talking to them about the Lord and sharing His Gospel. I had become a pastor. What you say to yourself matters!
You are becoming all of the things you tell yourself. It’s ok to encourage yourself. It’s even ok to say nice things about YOU! You have been created in the image of God! He is the Light and that Light wants to shine in and through you. Believe it. See it. Become it. Let your light shine!

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