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Joyful, Patient, and Faithful

Joyful, Patient and Faithful? That's a tall order. And at the same time?

How can I possibly be joyful- my job is changing and my income is being cut in half. And have you seen the news? How can I be full of joy? You must read the entire phrase…BE JOYFUL IN HOPE. You would never be expected to be thrilled by disappointing news but when you lean into Christ…when you exchange your weakness and humanity for his strength and divinity…there will be a change. It might not be in your circumstances but there will be a change in YOU! Christ IN YOU is the HOPE of glory. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I frame my thinking with the understanding that Christ is in control and no matter what it may look like to me, He is all that I need in the trouble. That empowers me for the next part…

Nobody wants pain to last a long time. There isn’t a person I know who prays for more challenges! Since patience is built from the trying of your faith, if you are praying for more patience, you may just get more trials! Patience and Perseverance are interchangeable in scripture…perhaps because sometimes you feel like you are at the end of your rope and you just need to tie a knot and hold on. Hold on till hope rises in you. Jesus said in this world you would have tribulation…but he didn’t leave us hanging…he said be of good cheer(rejoice)….why? Because HE has overcome the world! Not just the trouble, Jesus said I’ve overcome the world in which trouble shows up! So how do I hold on?

Stay in touch. Your power and guidance will come from a life filled with prayer. We need to move out of this mode of just a prayer time to a life that is constantly laced with conversations with God. Talk to him throughout the day. Be engaged!

Pretty great advice for how to get along in this life. Joyful, patient and faithful!