Dealing with Discouragement

So is there a way to take COURAGE out of disCOURAGEment? Can the pattern be broken and this disease be cured? Let’s counter the four causes with four remedies that can help us be strong and courageous.

Rest: Combat fatigue with rest…something that calms you. The most spiritual thing you can do when you’re tired is rest. Jesus said, come to me if you are weary and I will give you rest. Rest is not always an end to activity but often an exchange of activities. Exchange the things that weary you with some things that will refresh you.

Reorganize: You can eliminate the frustration of being overwhelmed by putting things in order…first things first…one thing at a time. Discouragement doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing the wrong thing…maybe you are doing the right thing the wrong way. Try another approach…shake things up a bit. Start little, one space at a time, one pile on the desk…and keep going!

Remember: You take the punch out of fear by remembering God and how he has shown up for others in the past and for you too. When you remember him, he covers you with His love…perfect love. The bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear.

Resist: Failure has to be resisted. You do this by never quitting. Fight back…hang on…do what’s right in spite of how you feel. Failure is never final and failure is never fatal. Some of this worlds greatest achievements were discovered after a multitude of failed attempts.

You have a choice as to whether you will live in defeat and be infected by the disease of discouragement. Jesus said to "take courage" often. Activate it in your life. Let today be the day you "take courage" out of discouragement!


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