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The Difficulty of Change

TRANSITIONS are so difficult. Change can hurt and change CAN help! Transitions are nothing new and they happen ALL the time. Often they are out of your control. Here's a little excerpt from my book, TRANSITIONS: Grace to Navigate the Storms of Change, for all of us that are in the midst of some type of change.

"The  fact  of the  matter is that this  transition process began  the  moment you  did!  Think about your  experience in leaving the  womb  and  entering the  world.  You did  not  ask  to have  that happen at that particular  time. God  set  it up.  You  may  have  done some kicking and punching during that period but  God  was  in  control. He  put   nine  month timetable together that may  not  be etched in  stone, but  gives  us a good idea  of how  long  it takes to “get  it together”. After  that  designated time period, the  process pushed you  out.  It  was  due  season. It was your  moment and  the  first  thing  that happened when you  were  pushed out  is that  you  got  slapped! Right  there  on  your  tiny  behind! In  the  old  days some  of us  were  even  turned upside down!  And  it did  not  stop  there. You  screamed for a moment and then they shoved this suction thing into your  nose and mouth like  they wanted to suck the  brain out  of your  head.  Like  a new  product on  an  assembly line you  were  being  made ready  for your  purpose. After  they rubbed you raw  like  they were  wiping syrup  off a dirty  table,  they put  you  under a hot  light like  a packet of fries  at  McDonalds. When  the  time  was right, or maybe when  you  were  the  right  temperature  and  all  looked well,  they  put  you  in a plastic container and  rolled  you  down   bright hall.  They even  graded  your  appearance! Many  things were happening around you but you had no idea what they were. Your eyes were  still  glued  shut and the sounds were  similar  to  what you  heard before  only  louder. And then, finally, the chaos  became calm, the brightness  dimmed  and you  were  placed  in the  arms  of your  mother. Nothing else  mattered, you  felt  secure and peaceful. The transition from  the  womb  to your  mothers’ arms  was  not easy but  you made  it. I want you to hear  that. It was messy, it may  not  have  been  the  prettiest thing, it was  very  traumatic but  YOU MADE IT!"

Life is not always cooperative according to our schedule and oftentimes things happen that we simply have no control over. My prayer is that you will not run away from the challenges but will run into the arms of Jesus who is able to stand with you against anything that happens to you. I know it doesn't feel great right now but I can assure you, the closer you stay to Christ, the better you are going to feel later. Hang in there.
You will come out of this better than you went in-God knows what He is doing! Trust Him:)