Living the Salt Life

Several years ago, while on a summer trip through Florida, I added a sticker to my car window from a popular southern clothing line called Salt Life. Those two words had a significant meaning to me. I believe it's important for me to be living the "salt life".
Jesus told us this: “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?" He said that we should be salt. Salt adds flavor to anything that it is sprinkled on. When you and I are the "salt" we add the flavor of favor!
Every day I need to remind myself that Jesus wants me to truly live this “salt life”. And as I do, I make a special effort to be the "salt" to those around me. I want to be flavor-full and favor-filled. I want to bring "sodium to the podium" when I preach or teach. I need to stay salty:)
How about your life today? Have you lost your flavor? Have the difficulties and challenges robbed you of a life sprinkled with God’s favor? Jesus did not say you should become salt…He said you ARE salt. Be the person He created you to be. Tell yourself that you are what He says you are. Then get out there and add some flavor to your circle of influence. You can live the “salt life” too!


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