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Why Do We Worry?

Do you think it is even possible to live a life with “no worries”? Like that song Hakuna Matata? Life really is too short to worry about things that we can’t change anyway. So I guess the better question is, why then do we worry? 

First of all, it could be because our image of God is not as big as the image of our difficulty.
The reason Jesus tried to teach us about anxiety is because he knew it would come. Anxiety comes from the word anxiousness…being too anxious for something that has not happened to happen or visa-versa. In this world Jesus said you WILL have trouble. There will be lots that you could worry about. But he said BE OF GOOD CHEER, I have overcome the world. Jesus is bigger than any problem that you may face.
Could I really believe that God could take this BIG mess and untangle it so that I could enjoy life again? Can I live a good life though my business has folded? Is there life after divorce? Can God use someone like me that has been through things I would never want to talk about? The answer is yes, yes and absolutely yes! God can take that tangled up mess and unravel it in our lives. He says, give it to me and let me start the process little by little, unraveling the mess and making it right again. You see God is bigger than the mess….so….no worries.

Second, maybe it’s because not only is our image of God smaller than our difficulties, our image of the devil is much bigger than our image of our God.
I believe that we give the devil too much credit. We always blame him for things as if He had the power to just ransack our lives. But in reality, often it is our choices that bring things into our life, good and bad. And no matter what things come, God is able to take those good ones and bless us abundantly and God is able to take those bad ones and build us up to become stronger and more faithful and faith-full. When we start to trust God as the author and finisher of our faith, when we relinquish control to Him, we can know that everything that we are going through is coming together to produce everything we are going to be.
Remember this today: worry does not prevent disaster: worry prevents joy!