Happy Mothers Day!
I've seen and heard many things over the last few days: special Mothers Day poems, merchandise and a variety of Momisms. Momisms are those things that only a Mom can say. Some of the favorites that I read were "you're going to put your eye out with that thing!" or "look at me when I'm talking to you!" And the infamous one we have all heard, "you'll understand that better when you have kids of your own". The latter rings very true for me personally. As a father of three children, I find myself reaching way back in my memory to try and grab ahold of some of those wonderful words of wisdom that came from Mom. I wish I would have wrote some of them down! I'm sure she remembers every one of them!
Mom's have learned how to endure pain for the joy of something greater. Though I was 6lbs 15oz. of incredible joy, she probably had to bite her tongue a few times:) Still Moms always have compassion and always believe the best of their children even when their children fall short. They nurture, guide, comfort and encourage. 
My Mom's favorite scripture is found in 3 John 4 where it says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." I spent a lot of time walking towards something and because of my Mom, I finally found truth. Mom's want their children to walk in truth because it is the truth that they know which will set them free. And freedom is what every child always seems to desire!
This weekend, take a few moments to remember some of the Momisms you heard. Give her call. If she has left temporarily to be with the Lord until you see her again, offer up a prayer of thanks for all that she helped you through. I gaurantee she is listening. Celebrate her life for she is the one who brought you yours!
To my Mom, thanks for always pushing me forward and helping me up every time I fell down. I pray that you have an incredible Mothers Day Weekend! Love this picture! #laughterisgoodmedicine

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