He Showers Compassion

Many years ago I had the privilege of going through the memorial to the victims of the OKC bombing which occurred in April of 1995. Little did I know that the experience would change my life forever. As part of the tour, I found myself in the middle of the room where the notes and personal items of the 168 people that lost their lives were located. The emotion of that moment was overwhelming. I began to break down and cry and felt as if I had known each one of these people personally as I read some of the notes and looked at the family pictures. Not only was I moved to tears, as most are, but I began to wonder why I felt so connected to these people that I had never met in my life. It was in seeking that answer that the Lord spoke to my heart and let me know that what I was experiencing was true compassion. Compassion is more than sympathy for someone else...its the feeling of being in their shoes (empathy) and going through something as if you are actually with them. It's feeling the emotional and completely spiritual connection.
Jesus did that for us and He longs for us to feel this attached to each other. That is why we weep when others weep and we laugh when others laugh. We have a genuine bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ that goes much deeper than simple love. I noticed too that He changed many things about me that day. My temper had once been so short. After this experience I had a newfound ability to show mercy and compassion to others because of what God showed to me. This change would settle me down at just the right time because some things were about to happen in my life that I would need His compassion to endure. Had the Lord not allowed me to be showered by His compassion that day, I would most certainly not have landed on a ministry track in my life. The Lord truly changed my heart and my personality.
Today as you pray for your family and your friends, talk to God about allowing you to experience some of His divine compassion for those that you are connected to. I can tell you from past experience, it will change your life too! Have you had your "compassion" shower today?

The Lord is good to everyone.
    He showers compassion on all his creation. ps 145:9

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