The Other Side

I go over bridges everyday. But this weekend, I walked across a bridge that was so special and significant to me. As I stood on this side of the bridge, I thought about where I was in my life right now and the many things that brought me to this very spot. I have been so incredibly blessed with an amazing journey that has been filled with joyful and historic moments. It's been so good that at times I often wondered if there was anything more that God desired for me to do. That may sound silly but it's the truth.
As my friend and I looked at this bridge, we talked about purpose...destiny...and what we hoped for and wanted "on the other side". It was then I realized that I know so many people that long to see the "other side" of divorce, the loss of a loved one, the failure of a business or a dream unrealized. But this wasn't only about them. I needed (I wanted) to know what was "on the other side". This moment was divinely arranged and the Holy Spirit organized every step.
So a question began to arise in my heart. "What if the joy, peace, love and happiness that I have always desired and that the Lord has designed for me in this particular season of my life was on the other side of this bridge- would I walk across it? How about you? If everything you have ever wanted or desired (that was good for you) was on the other side of the bridge, would you walk across it? Of course you would! So that begs another question. Why are you still on this side of the bridge? What's keeping you from purifying yourself, getting ready and crossing over?
I encourage you today to get yourself ready for what the Lord wants to do with you right now. It's very possible that it will go far beyond your wildest dreams. Just take a step today. As Thoreau said, "go confidently in the direction of your dreams." My prayer is that you will see the amazing miracles on the other side right now as you step into your His purpose and plan for YOU!

P.S.- I prayed, read this scripture and I crossed over that bridge!!! So you better get ready, something special is about to show up for Cup of Joe!

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