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Last night I had the great joy of being the MC at our churches Singles Game Night. When you put great BBQ, games, and ice cream in a room with nearly 100 people, it's a party! What made this so much fun was that every one of us happened to be in a "single" season of our lives. 

I had been reading earlier in the day and came across an article whose title jumped right off the page at me. It read, "Choose Happiness Every Single Day of Your Life". For some reason when I read it I heard choose happiness every day your single! The thought is simply this; we can choose whether or not we are going to be happy. It's not tied to our performance nor our circumstances. It's a heart and soul issue. We need to talk to ourselves positively and use scriptures to feed our faith and strengthen our spirit. You take the Word of God and meditate upon it. In other words, you think about the things that matter to the Lord. Here are a couple of good scriptures:

  • For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. (Psalm 100:5, NIV)
  • The Lord is good to all, And His tender mercies are over all His works. (Psalm 145:9, NKJV)
  • You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. (Psalm 86:5, NIV)
Psalm 107 offers us an easy one to remember. Just say it out loud- “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and His love endures forever.”

What you say out loud, YOU hear. Faith comes BY HEARING. What you focus on will develop in your life. What you THINK about matters. Let me give you one of my favorite scriptures out of Philippians 4:

Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise. (Philippians 4:8, CEV)

You may be not be in a season of singleness today and the good news is that choosing to think on these things and say words that affirm the Lord's goodness is not contingent on your marital status. If you got out of bed today and have breath in your lungs, you can say “the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!” Choose happiness today. And for all of my single friends, choose happiness every SINGLE day of your life! #choosehappinesseverySINGLEdayofyourlife

*special thanks to GUIDEPOST magazine 

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