I've never heard this word until my daughter showed me the book she was reading at school. Bloomability was the title. The ability to bloom is a gift. To be able to rise to the top and blossom n matter what the conditions is truly a divine skill set. Some folks just succeed in whatever situation you put them in. In the book of Genesis, Joseph had bloomability. His brothers conspired to kill him and threw him in a pit. It wasn't long before circumstances led him to Potiphars house, the commander of Pharoahs army. He ran the entire household and controlled the business. Everything he touched prospered. Read on and you see him set up for a fall and thrown into prison. What they didn't know was that he had bloomability. No matter where you put him, he blooms. Soon he was out of jail and over all of the business affairs of Egypt!
We are given bloomability by God. No matter what happens around you, like Joseph we can decide to not get bitter: we can get better! Allow your faith to blossom into something beautiful that pleases the Lord today. Exercise your bloomability!

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