Taking Chances

Life is filled with opportunities to "take chances". Some things are indeed risky. Others are simply moments where we are faced with something so much bigger than we have ever imagined. That is where FAITH can rise up and be activated. In fact, faithfulness has been defined as the willingness to take risks that require faith in order to produce fruit. 
What if you are presented with an amazing opportunity that causes some fear and trepidation to rise up within you? Introduce that anxiety to your personal faith in a God that is able to do the impossible, heal the incurable and reach the unreachable. With Him, nothing...no thing will be outside of the realm of accomplishment. Is it scary? Yes! Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Can you do it? Certainly!
Most of the incredible moments in our lives will occur when we take a step through the outer layer of our comfort zone into an area that feels a bit risky. Speak to the mountain. Activate faith now. Be willing to risk being uncomfortable. Take a chance. It's true, some things will only happen once and this could be the moment where God shines through you! #cupofjoe #encouragement #inspiration #faith

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