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Baby Steps

Some time ago, I was in a discussion with someone who
was trying to determine how to move into the next
season of their career. It was time for them to make
a transition and they were like most folks...the hardest
part of this type of change is the leaving. Today I want to
give you a short excerpt from my story when I left
the Christian music industry to become a full time
Senior Pastor, Founding a Non-Profit Ministry
Organization and a Church. It was a season filled with
emotions, challenges and so many blessings.

"When God tells you that its time to change
jobs and you stay longer than
you were supposed to, things may get very difficult
before you leave. The longer you stay where you are
not supposed to be the harder it will be to leave. I
often wonder why He seems to move us when
things are somewhat comfortable and going quite
well right where we are. I don’t like to move. But I
never want to stay anywhere longer than I am
supposed to. I realized that when I first became rest-
less in my job in the Christian music industry. If I
were honest with myself and with my hindsight
being 20/20, I would have to say that the Lord was
prompting me to make a change five years before I
actually made the decision. Those final five years
were not the most blessed, they were the most
difficult. Perhaps because I stayed longer than I was
supposed to? Maybe I stopped listening and started
staying busy thinking about how to make the
restlessness go away? Whatever it was, when it came
 time to leave I wanted to do so with a measure of grace
 and class. I never want to burn bridges because as they
say, you may have to pass over them again later!
Don’t stir up a storm and animosity when it is time
to go, just go."

If you are in a place of decision today about making
a change in a job or relationship, I can honestly tell you that
if you will pray and trust God, take baby steps forward,
and pay attention to the way God is leading you, it can
be the most exhilarating season in your life. It all starts
with the first step. 

To get the whole story and your own copy of the book,
TRANSITIONS, click this link.