The Real Happy Meal

It is good for workers to have an appetite; an empty stomach drives them on. 
(Proverbs 16:26 NLT)

Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to eat the right things, every commercial on television is promoting the wrong things? Maybe you are not really hungry and sitting at home and then suddenly, that ice cream commercial sends you running out for your favorite flavor! 
The marketing companies know that if they make you think you are hungry, you will go after what they want to feed you. Your hunger, your appetite will drive you on
Now consider that God has given us a taste of the bread of life (His Word) that when eaten, will make you want more:) His hope is that your hunger for more of Him will drive you on towards more of His plan for you. Your hunger brings out a craving to be with His people, His family, His activities.
So rather than watch the commercials today and chasing pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream, take another taste of His Word and increase your appetite for God! If your spiritual stomach feels hungry, feed it faith-filled bites of hope from God. That's the real "happy meal"!

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