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Glory to God

I love to start each week with something encouraging, something that makes me smile. Today as I read this scripture in Galatians 1, it not only brought a smile to my face but it also caused me to release more gratefulness for the day I encountered Jesus and gave my life to Him. He gave His life for MY sin. That was the plan all along. He wanted to rescue me from all the the trauma and drama that this world would hold. And because of that, today I give glory to God forever and ever!
What are you grateful for today? Do you realize that Jesus gave His life so that you wouldn't have to live "under the circumstances" but could be an overcomer in every way? That's the plan. All we have to do is believe it and receive it. Take a moment before you do that next thing on your list and thank the Lord for rescuing you. Give Him glory! 
Have a great day my friend!
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