Don’t Let Waiting Be Deflating

"Then Abraham waited patiently, and he received what God had promised". Heb 6:15
Abraham was blessed by God and was told that he would be the beginning of an amazing lineage…a father of many nations. God made a promise to him. But it did not happen overnight. Abraham had to wait. 
I am sure we can all relate to that...waiting. Most of the things I find myself praying for seem to come after a period of waiting. Waiting is important but so is how we wait. 
Abraham had tenacity when it came to waiting. He waited patiently and with unshakeable resolve. He held on to the promise and did not let go until it came. Most would have said that his window for starting a family was over…you must have missed God. To us he was too old and it was too late. But God felt different. God saw him as a father of many nations! And by learning the lessons in the waiting, Abraham received what God had promised. 
Don't let "waiting" be "deflating". Use the time between the promise and the fulfillment of that promise to draw closer to God and to tune in to what He might be doing in your life. Hold on to the hope and blessed assurance that the promise is going to come.
You may be "waiting" on your own personal promise from God today. It may have been some time since you prayed about it and all you do now is wait. Don't give up! Hold on to the hope you have and don’t waver. Stick to it until God brings you to it!

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