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Happy Birthday Dad!

I always celebrate the first day of the second half of every year by honoring this young dad...who turns 80 years old today! It's impossible to write down enough words to pay tribute to what my dad has meant to me. I am quite certain that as the first born child, I was quite a handful. But somehow he never got bent out of shape and managed to mold me into a pretty decent human being!
He has been an incredible example to me for my entire life. I've never been afraid to reach out to him and ask questions and seek counsel and he has always been consistent and generous in his advice. My dad showed me the way to live my life and even now, I find myself continuing to reach out for prayers and support and that amazing wisdom that only he can provide.

I am so grateful for for my dad and the way he leads our family. One of the best compliments I can ever receive is to be told that I look just like him. I pray that I act like him too!

Dad, I pray for God's favor to overwhelm you as you celebrate the beginning of another decade of blessing and joy. May you have many, many more fruitful and healthy years. I love you with all my heart!

🎂Happy birthday Joseph Edward Jones! I am so proud to be your son! 🎉