Go in the Direction of Your Dreams

I've been reading in the Bible a story about the life of Joseph. In the book of Genesis, Chapter 37, it was obvious why this story is so popular among believers. Joe had quite a life. Talk about ups and downs! God gives him a dream and as soon as he shares it, those closest to him hate him! His own brothers conspire to get rid of him! Sounds like an episode of The Sopranos doesn't it?
Each of us comes equipped with dreams and visions that guide us on our journey to God. When we do what He made us to do, not only do we win but those closest to us win also. Unfortunately, many people abandon their purpose in this life when adversity shows up. Joseph's brothers hated him for his dreams and for the way he talked about them. But he kept talking. He knew where we was going. He knew what God had shown him. And he went after it with reckless abandon!
Have you ever identified the reason you are on this planet? What do you like to do? It may be part of your incredible dreams2destiny experience! Don't let people discourage you and don't give it up. If you want to see your dreams realized, try these three little things:
1-Write them down. When you can see them, you can reach them.
2-Talk about them. Jesus called things that did not exist as though they did. Faith speaks.
3-Live towards the dream. Faith not only speaks, it walks.
               Go in the direction of your dreams and you will arrive where they are!

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