What are You Called to Do?

What are you called to do? A "calling" is not something that you can choose...it has already been chosen. It's something you discover. In fact our vocation comes from a Latin word, vocare, meaning "to call". It's where we get our word for voice. But to get our voice, we have to use our ears. Listen. Listen to the voice of God. He is the CALL-er and you are the CALL-ee! God calls YOU to do what HE desires in this world. He wants you to have a very specific and pronounced VOICE in this world. So as you explore the things that you do well and the abilities that you have which bless others, you will learn how to use that voice. When you really learn how to use it, your impact is what makes God smile. He's been waiting for you to "speak" all the time. So, what are you called to do?

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