Goodness and Mercy

I was reading Psalm 23 had a moment of joy as I read that “goodness and mercy” were following me every day. I used to have a great picture of that in my own life. I had a little miniature dachshund named Midnight. ( I called him Midi) When I would come home from work, he was so thrilled to see me. He always acknowledged me. I noticed one day as I walked through the house that he followed me wherever I went. No matter what room I went into or how long I stayed there, he stayed with me and moved with me. As I laughed at his companionship I thought about God’s goodness and God’s mercy. Goodness to help me make quality decisions and mercy to help me when I don’t make such good decisions.
It’s always nice to know that whenever we take a hit in life’s journey, whenever we are attacked with such a strong force that we fall backwards…that we will fall into the goodness and mercy of God that is following us all the days of our lives. Who's following you?

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