Who Touched Me?

Mark 5:30-31 At the same moment, Jesus felt energy discharging from him. He turned around to the crowd and asked, “Who touched my robe?” His disciples said, “What are you talking about? With this crowd pushing and jostling you, you’re asking, ‘Who touched me?’ Dozens have touched you!” 
In Mark 5 there is a story about Jesus was walking with a bunch of folks on the way to Jairus' home to heal his daughter. There was a lot of activity as they went until suddenly, Jesus stopped and asked a simple question:"who touched me?"
The disciples told him that everyone was brushing up against him. What are you talking about? But Jesus had felt the touch of someone that had "pulled" power from him. It was a woman who had been sick for 12 years. She had done everything she knew to do. But right there on that day and in that moment, she thought to herself that if she could just get a finger on Jesus, she could be well. She thought about faith without realizing the power that faith had! Jesus stopped, turned around and blessed her by agreeing with that thought and healing her body. She pulled power from him!
Many people touch Jesus today. They go to church, read the Bible, even attend small groups. But few ever touch Him in such a way as to feel His power touch their life and circumstances. What are you thinking about today? Is it about how much you hurt or about you being well? It could make all the difference in the outcome. I am praying that you too can pull power from the Lord today!

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