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What Are You Seeing?

What messages are you seeing today? I was reading a scripture in Hebrews 1:1 that talks about God speaking in a variety of ways at various times. Then my mind went off to think about what He might do if He wanted to get through to me. I like praise and worship music, a good early afternoon trip to the theater, a drive around the city and I enjoy stealing a few quiet moments at the local coffee shop. So when God wants to capture my attention, He often does it through a song or movie, a billboard or street sign, or a chance meeting with a friend.
I would love Him to speak more frequently and much more quickly at times but I am realizing that His timing is absolutely perfect. I imagine Him orchestrating all of my steps each day, the songs I will hear, the route I will drive to and from the office and the people that will come across my path. All of these things will be happening to make my life more fulfilling and to provide me direction. The problem for many people today is that they just aren’t watching. We’ve got to stay alert and pay attention. Watch for the various ways He wants to speak to you.
What do you need from the Lord today? Perhaps an answer about a career change? A yes or know regarding a partnership? God still speaks today in a variety of ways and at the most peculiar times. So be watching for His sudden appearances. Read the signs and don’t rush through every place that you go. I am confident that He is going to show up on something, at someplace or in someone today!