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Hallmark Christmas Movies

We are embarking on one of my favorite times of year…Hallmark Christmas movie time! Yes, that’s right, Cup of Joe is captivated by those simple, and sometimes cheesy love stories. Every town is decorated with lights and there is always snow- something I miss here in Texas. These movies take me back to the days when my children were little and so full of excitement on Christmas morning. Christmas has always been my favorite season. We would decorate the house inside and out and fill our lives with everything Christmas!
Now that my children are all grown up and living their own lives, we don’t always get to spend the holidays together. So, at times when I am watching these movies I feel sad over the moments that are missing and the times we don’t share. I can even start to think about the painful parts of life. So there is great joy and even some deep sadness. Is it possible for us to manage all of these feelings?
The answer is yes! I’m realizing the power of memories but more than that, the strong emotions that are stirred up by the things I think about. If I stay focused on what is gone, I feel discouraged. And that emotion is strong and impacts every part of my being. But if I think about the joy-filled moments and all of the sights, sounds and smells that made me smile, my heart feels full and alive. 
Maybe you feel that way at times too? Perhaps life seems dramatically different for you now than it has been in the past. You love the Hallmark Christmas movies, but you sit there every time crying in your hot chocolate as you watch beautiful people get everything they want as the snow falls and the town cheers. Don’t let your joy be stolen by the thief of regret and what could have been. Remember that you are never alone. Let this season be filled with new memories and people that make you laugh and smile. Set your mind on all that is good. (Philippians 4:8) Whatever you focus on in your life will develop. Stay focused on what the Lord has for you rather than what the enemy took from you. I’m still learning how to do this each and every day. Some are harder than others. But one thing is sure…I’m probably going to watch every one of this year’s new movies! It’s how I begin every November!