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Finishing Strong

As we conclude another year on the planet, how are you closing the year? They say that the way you leave one year will determine the way you enter the next. It's very important to bring closure and resolve to this year before saying hello to the next.
I know that it's hard to forget things that happen to us that hurt. We usually like to keep replaying bad things over and over again in our heads as if the replay of the events will change the outcome. Life lessons are certainly found in each thing we endure but we must continually move forward towards the plan and purposes that our Creator had in mind when we arrived. My strategy in the midst of bad seasons is to keep moving. Traumatic events have a way of defining the inner strength that is in each one of us. You don't know how strong you are until being strong is all you have left.
People are amazing. This country is resilient. Storms, shootings, and evil may try to make life difficult, perhaps even unbearable, but you and I have power in us that is stronger than anything that comes against us. My goal in every terrible and horrific thing that I endure is to find out who "I" am and what "I" believe in the midst of it. Somewhere down the road I realize just how important that enduring power and personal inventory was to my life and to those attached to me. And my searching always leads me to the grace of God and just how sufficient it really is.
So here is my counsel as we close out this year. Resolve the conflict. Mend the relationship. Bring closure to the situation. You are strong. God's got you covered. You did your best this year. Bless another's life and you will find out something very special about yourself. Finish strong. And get ready for a truly happy New Year and a happy new YOU!