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Here We Go!

Well here we go! Another new year staring us right in the face! What a great time to take a look at your goal list and determine if you were in your right mind when you created it at the end of last year! I'm not talking about your new year've probably already abandoned many of those anyway!
Oftentimes, our goals fall by the wayside too because we make some mistakes when we put our goal list together. I want to share three things that work for me each and every year and I hope they may help you to not only make the right goals, but achieve them as well.
1- write them down
When we write them down we create a way for us to periodically review them. Writing them down in a journal or notebook creates a way to help hold YOU accountable. You can track your progress bi-weekly or monthly too.
2- be specific and add the details
Sometimes we write down things like lose weight, read more, get a hobby. Being too vague gives us nothing solid to move towards. How about saying lose 10 pounds, read 1 book per month or start horseback riding. Now you have some things we can measure.
3- don't think too small...DREAM BIG!
I have always been a bit of a dreamer. People will often tell you to write down realistic goals because that way you can achieve them. The problem is that a simple, realistic goal provides very little excitement in achieving it. Who wants to run after something that you could probably hit with little or no effort. That's not a goal, that's a to-do list! I need things that can only be possible if the Lord shows up to help! I like to be creative and let my imagination come into the mix.
When you write down your goal list, full of specific, detail-oriented dreams that may even be a bit outlandish, you are ready and positioned for an amazing year. I want you to know that you are probably gifted in ways that you never realized. You are most likely more creative than you ever imagined. And as we go through this year, you will see that you are quite a bit stronger and productive than you give yourself credit for. This could be YOUR year! Set incredible goals. Be amazing. Love people. Serve the Lord. And may your cup always be filled to overflowing!
Review it-Add to it-Go DO it