My Keyword for 2020

If you have known me for any length of time, you are aware of my annual keyword each year. I started this many years ago at The Landing in Glenpool, Oklahoma and it seems to continue with me even now. Here are a few from the last several years.
2015 Sensitivity 
2016 Engaged-no, not that one:)
2017 Connected
2018 Positioned
2019 Aligned
Well this year is no different. When I started to think about this and ask the Lord for something that could summarize the year that was ahead of me, He gave me another word. This year, for 2020, that word was "resurgence". I had to look it up because I did not know what it meant. And here is what I found:
When I look at all of the words associated with this one, it is obvious to me that I am in the proper place and position for some incredible growth and blessing. There is an awakening in my heart and soul. I truly believe that the Lord is going to fill every void, seal every crack and bring the most amazing year of ministry that I have ever seen! And yes, I am super excited! Who wouldn't be with increase and revival on the horizon!
Do you have a keyword for this year? Have you ever asked the Lord to give you one? Maybe this is the year He helps you summarize what lies ahead and gets you aligned with what He wants for you in 2020. 
I am praying for you and asking the Lord to give you something that ignites your spirit and moves you in the direction of everything that He has called you to do. Keep looking up and moving out. This is going to be greater than anything you have ever imagined!

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