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Psalm 51:12  Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.  Remember that day when you made Jesus the Lord of your life? Something good overwhelmed you and started growing inside of you. Your countenance changed. You began to see people differently, react differently and even the words coming out of your mouth were different. You found the JOY of the Lord ! Now life has continued, challenges have come and some painful seasons have overshadowed that "joy-full" experience. You find yourself tired of trying, sometimes going so far as to isolate yourself from others. You may even feel like no one understands.  David had moments just like that too. You can read about his in the psalms. In Psalm 51, out of the darkness of isolation and within the grip of fear and pain, he prayed a simple prayer: Lord, give me the joy back. Help me to continue being willing to trust you and follow you even when I feel like this. It was then that God delivered

Make Some Waves

Lots of people are afraid to take risks. They stick a toe into the water to test the temperature. I like to jump in all at once! If I tested the waters, I’d probably decide it was too cold and never experience the water at all!  Someone once said that faithfulness is the willingness to take risks that require faith in order to produce fruit.  Faith doesn’t get into something to test the waters, it jumps in to make waves. Faith is the evidence of things unseen. And when you release your faith, anything is possible. Imagine waves of blessing coming into your life because you jumped in with both feet and trusted the Lord! Maybe it’s time for you to jump into the deep end. Don’t just test the waters. Make some waves! #cupofjoe 

Embrace the Present

Someone once told me to not let my past spill into my present and poison my future. Though sometimes I visit the past to remember the lessons learned, I don’t live there. The past is gone. The future has not yet arrived. I am all about being in the moment. I have decided to live in the present and make every one of those moments beautiful. Embrace the present. It’s truly a gift!  πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»☕️ #cupofjoe 

Do the Right Thing

Goal for the day: try to always do the right thing!😊 #cupofjoe 

Life is Like a Good Book

I love this quote! Life is like a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. Let me add to that the fact that it is also difficult to get started. (Amen said all the moms that have given birth!) And when you get close to the end, you just don’t want to put it down! You wish you had just one more chapter.  We get out of this life what we put into it. Investing yourself, your time, your talents and your resources will always produce a return. If you invest the good, you reap the good.  I wake up every day and thank the Lord for another day on the planet. I thank Him for divine health in my body and divine breath in my lungs.  And then I go into the day with the best I have to offer in every situation I may encounter. I offer myself to the Lord to be used in whatever He has planned. (Romans 12-1-2) And I know that He will return to me the best possible outcome. (Romans 8:28) That’s a really good book with the most amazing ending- eternal life! #goodbo

God Knows

Have you ever allowed yourself to be thrown off track by listening to the thoughts that other people had about you? All of us do it. We care deeply about what people think and oftentimes about what they say as well. And if what they are thinking and saying is negative it can bring damage in so many ways. Emotional hurts are so hard to endure. But there is some good news. Here it is: “what God KNOWS about you is more important than what others THINK about you.” He knew you while you were being formed in the womb of your mother. He knows where you’ve been, where you are right now and even where you will go in the future. That future is bright and filled with incredible promise- His promise. #goodnews #Godknows

Can You Give Me Directions To...

I really don’t like to get lost when I am on my way somewhere. When I was a kid we had to use a fold-out paper map and find our way. First you needed to locate where you were on the map before you could even start. Today I have an app on my phone. I just say “give me directions to” and not only does the map show up, there’s a lovely voice to guide me along the way. All I need to do is listen and follow.  Directions in life can often be challenging and frustrating. But no matter where you are right now, the Lord will guide you. He watches over all parts of your day. And He advises you as you take the best pathway together. Just say, Lord, please give me directions through this day and all that is ahead of me. Then listen and follow.

Return to Him

Walking in the presence of the Lord is the most amazing experience ever! The good news is that anyone can do it. It simply requires a submission to the lord and to allow His agenda to supersede yours. What are the benefits of this type of surrender? Light, life, joy and peace will flow freely through every area of your being. Don’t drop the glowing gift of His presence today by reaching for for lifeless ashes. Return to Him. Regain His presence!

Weird is Wonderful

I wonder if you have ever felt like you were different than everybody else? I love this little reminder that I received today and wanted to pass it on to you.  Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset. Your greatest asset may just be the very thing that seems so weird to you. Did you know that one of the definitions of weird is “ to suggest something supernatural”? So today, why not embrace what you are and be the best version of you that you can be. Fact is, the world needs YOU. The authentic, genuine and even weird you! According to the Bible, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His workmanship; a masterpiece created by God to do good on this planet. Let me sum it all up for you. Weird is wonderful! You are something supernatural! #cupofjoe 

The Dream is Free

There is a DREAM alive in every one of us. God puts them in us. Scripture says that He gives us the desires of our heart. The Lord gives dreams to provide us a wonderful opportunity to nurture them into reality. Faith without “works” is dead. Faith requires action to bring forth results. I want to encourage you today to take your dream and embrace it. You may only take a baby step in the direction of that dream but that is a great start. You can’t win if you don’t begin.   Your dream was free. The hustle is sold separately. When you commit yourself to what the Lord wants to do in your life, anything is possible. Your only limited by what you are able to believe. Dream big!

You Are Nice

You and I have an obligation to be kind. Sometimes it’s very difficult because people are not always polite. In fact, people can be downright rude. Still, you and I need to do our very best to be polite. Not because people are nice but because we are!  Take a few moments this week to be polite and extend kindness to all of those around you. Love those that seem to be unloveable. I can assure you that when you honor others first, God will bring honor back to you in waves.  You are amazing. You are blessed. You are kind. And you are nice!😁

Don’t Let What Hurt You, Haunt You

Too often I let myself go back and replay things from the past. Interestingly enough, the circumstances I replay are usually all negative. My mind doesn’t naturally gravitate to the good stuff. I’ve taught myself to be more intentional when it comes to accentuating the positive and to not allow myself to dwell on bad things from the past. Just as this picture says, I am responsible for how long I let what hurt me, haunt me. When it comes to things that hurt me I face them, feel them and then I move forward away from them. Don’t let yourself get caught in a negative spiral and be derailed from the path that the Lord has for your future. He has plans to bless your alive and not to harm you in any way. You can trust that He only wants what’s best for you. You can let go of the hurts and find healing for every area of your life. #cupofjoe