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Don’t Let What Hurt You, Haunt You

Too often I let myself go back and replay things from the past. Interestingly enough, the circumstances I replay are usually all negative. My mind doesn’t naturally gravitate to the good stuff.

I’ve taught myself to be more intentional when it comes to accentuating the positive and to not allow myself to dwell on bad things from the past. Just as this picture says, I am responsible for how long I let what hurt me, haunt me. When it comes to things that hurt me I face them, feel them and then I move forward away from them.

Don’t let yourself get caught in a negative spiral and be derailed from the path that the Lord has for your future. He has plans to bless your alive and not to harm you in any way. You can trust that He only wants what’s best for you. You can let go of the hurts and find healing for every area of your life.