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Ripple Effect

If you have ever dropped a rock into a still pond, you have seen what is referred to as the ripple effect. There is an impact in the place where the rock hit the water but then there are ripples that travel outward from that spot and continue to move the water throughout the pond.
You’ve seen this happen as the coronavirus spread throughout the world. We are all feeling the ripple effect. It all began in one spot. What if we started another ripple of good? One act of kindness can have a ripple effect throughout a community, a city, a state and even the world. So as you do your best to endure this season and practice “social distancing”, know that this one decision is impacting many lives and the fact is, it will save even more. You may not ever see the people that you helped with this self-less decision. It may be difficult for you but just imagine what that one decision could do for everyone. One by one, this is how we turn the tide and change the outcome.
It’s hard right now for everyone on the planet and we can bring some relief with one little ripple...a ripple of love...a ripple of prayer...a ripple of kindness. It all begins with you!  #rippleeffect #cupofjoe