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We Repeat What We Don’t Repair

Patterns of behavior happen all the time. History shows us this in many ways. In my daily journal entries I am able to see things I was thinking and feeling and in years past. It’s so interesting to me to see that I often experience the same things over and over again. That goes for the good times and the bad. My attitudes are impacted like this too. It teaches me that I will repeat what I don’t repair.
Of course I want to repair the broken times. I want to eliminate bad habits so that I never see those things repeat again. How I fix what is broken is by taken it to the manufacturer. I surrender to the Lord ( my Creator) those things I am unable to handle and the attitudes I hope to change. When He is in charge, there is no more repeat. It’s not just repaired, it’s renewed! 
What are some patterns in your life that you would like to change? Anything that you’re tired of repeating? Give it to the Lord today. He won’t just repair it, He will make all things new again!