Experience is the Hardest Teacher

I consider myself to be an experiential learner. I like to do the things that I am trying to understand and get my learning along the way. I love tutorial videos that show you how to accomplish specific things. They allow me to watch and do, often at the same time!
The greatest lessons I’ve learned in this life have also been those that I’ve experienced personally. I think it’s that way for most of us. We tend to remember the challenging times and how we felt or what impact they had on us. This season we are in now will be one that is talked about for generations to come. We will share of how we had to stay in our homes, wear masks when we went to get groceries and had to remain six feet apart. 
The story I share will also include how gracious the Lord was to care for us as I prayed and walked with Him during this time. I will tell of the amazing communication tools I was able to use to communicate with others. We are all going through a difficult experience. The good news is that the Lord is in each and every experience and He is bringing us His help, hope and healing. Experience may be the hardest teacher. But experience is also the best teacher. 

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