Thanks Lord!


This weekend, our church opened up again with limited capacity and all of the CDC guidelines and protocols in place. As people started to take their physically distanced seats, you could feel the anticipation and hear the wonderful sounds of people talking to each other. Yes, it was muffled a bit through the masks they were wearing! As the service began, in one voice and at the same time this group erupted in praise to the Lord for the opportunity to worship together. It was emotional and it was special. 
I didn’t realize how much I had missed this until it was taken away and then given back again. 
Lord, I wonder how many other things I might take for granted? Help me to never again look at coming together in a worship community as something I have to do or at times may do with the wrong attitude. Thank you for the incredible privilege of being part of a gathering of people like this one. I will cherish every moment and continue to seek your presence in a personal way each time I enter this house. 
Bless every house of worship in this country with your healing and your presence and heal our land of this virus. Thank you for blessing us in every way!


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