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Fan into Flames


This week as I read this scripture I thought about three ways I could personally stir up my spiritual gift. What the Lord has placed into my life and spirit I do not want to misuse or neglect. Staying in community was the first. I needed to find my own tribe of folks that helps me pursue the dreams that are in my heart. They are my personal champions. Connectedness was next. Making certain that I have a local fellowship/church that I could receive great instruction and teaching keeps me on the path. By being in a tight knit community and staying connected at church, I set myself up for collaboration. The Lord uses those people that I am in community with, the ones that I am connected to and brings out the very best I have to offer this world. 
This all sounds easy if there were no disruptions. But we have an adversary. The enemy of our soul attempts to encourage us to isolate from community, connectedness and collaboration. Isolation leads to disconnection from every good thing the Lord has prepared for us. In addition to isolation, he tries to convince us that we need to insulate ourselves-not share how we really feel and hide our emotions. Insulation leads to becoming completely de-sensitized.
So I want to encourage you to reject any type of isolation and get yourself connectedness to the people that feed your faith and inspire you to dream BIG. There's an amazing world out there and it is waiting for YOU!